CTA Comments at EPA Meeting to Review Nanotechnology White Paper

April 20, 2006 CTA submitted written comments on the White Paper with several other groups in January 2006. These comments supplement and expand that earlier statement.  The EPA panel’s charge includes the question of what issues were not adequately addressed in the White Paper. CTA believes one overarching issue stands out in its absence: While the scientific […]

Jaydee Hanson presentation to the Nano and Bio in Society Conference March 2006

March 28, 2006 In March 2006, CTA Policy Analyst Jaydee Hanson spoke at the Nano and Bio in Society Conference in Chicago and chaired a panel on the ethics of nanotechnology and needed regulations for nanomaterials. The power power of his speech details necessary tests that nanomaterials should be subjected to PRIOR to their commercial […]

CTA urges additional funding to review social, ethical and environmental effects of nanotechnology

February 15, 2006 Despite greatly increased federal funding for nanotechnology research, comparatively little funding is provided for the review of the social, ethical, and environmental effects of nanotechnologies.  This letter was sent to every Member of Congress, urging an increase in funding for research on the social, environmental, and ethical aspects of these new technologies.

CTA and other groups call on EPA to regulate nanotechnology

January 31, 2006 CTA and several other public interest groups filed the following comments in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Nanotechnology White Paper (December 2005).  The agency paper lacks adequate policy recommendations to regulate the unique risks of engineered nanoparticles.  New nano-specific legislation must be enacted to address these human health and environmental risks; […]